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Sewn High Temperature Blankets and Curtains

Engineered high temperature blanket treatments designed to prevent thermal transfer through metal components and structures while offering flame and smoke protection. Reduces heat gain across metal panels protecting structure, fiberglass panels, electrical components as well as ensuring passenger safety and comfort levels at the rear region of the vehicle. Acoustical benefits are also offered with this type of system and can be further enhanced if required. Fully compliant to flame and smoke requirements of transit industry, removable and re-usable, allowing in field access to mechanicals with ease of reassembly without the use of tools or adhesives.

Also available, durable fabric curtain constructed of fire rated fabrics which are able to be secured in place using “hook and loop” or button lock type closure systems. Blankets are commonly utilized in bulkhead areas to isolate cabling and other mechanical components separate from HVAC paths in behind media signs on city buses.

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