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Technical Services

Partnership in product development is a key benefit offered to customers of Artik/OEM. Our company is capable to technically support new projects from concept, proto-type through to final design providing relevant technical information and recommendations to assist with the development progression.

Understanding the challenges of the industry in which we service is key to guiding our efforts to support the direct goals and objectives of our clients. We offer only the best solutions for the application regardless of material type or manufacturer. Our recommendations are qualified technically in terms of the function, durability, fit for use, weight, moisture considerations as well as flame, smoke and toxicity performance. Most primary however is our objective to offer a final product and solution which brings the lowest commercial costs available in the industry.

Our company also offers acoustical testing and validation for the materials which we distribute supported by our network of technical partners. We are capable to validate final acoustical performance of your bus or coach in accordance to the “white book” through our third party partners to validate performance to your transit customer. In addition, flame, smoke and toxicity validation certificates are available to support thermal and acoustical insulation products offered through Artik/OEM.

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